Investment Criteria & Structure

How We're Different

A Twist on Traditional Investments

We believe heavily in the aligning of interests for all parties. We look to invest in successful companies that can benefit from our business expertise.

We primarily look for niche, wide moat industrial companies to the extent that we feel the business benefits humanity and that we feel we understand the product or service and can add value. 

The Majority of Our Investments Fall Into One of These Categories

1. Invest in Distressed Business

When the opportunity presents itself, we will acquire an equity stake in businesses that are underperforming. These businesses may be:

  1. In a position where they are struggling to repay their debt and remain profitable
  2. Have a business that is suffering due to a partnership fallout.
  3. Have a departing executive that they are struggling to replace

We Invest in Strong, Solvent Growing Companies

We look to acquire and invest in well run companies that we understand and with management teams in place. These are typically family owned businesses where the owner is looking to retire. These companies typically:

  • Generate $2M – $10M in annual EBITDA
  • Have a strong management team in place
  • Have a “moat” or differentiation factor

Industries of Focus

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Value added distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial services¬†
  • B2B services
  • Rental and leasing

3. Partnerships, Special Situations and "Story" Companies

We may look to invest in companies off of our beaten trail when the opportunity presents itself. In addition, we look for synergies and to create vertical integrations by pursuing strategic partnerships with other business owners as well as “bolt-on” acquisitions.