Our Philosophy & Investment Criteria

Our Philosophy

Equitable Structure

We believe that companies in the illiquid lower mid-markets are in need of a transition partner that can fairly compensate sellers for their business.

In addition, we feel that employees and operators should enjoy equity incentives.

People First

When evaluating potential investments, we focus on the character and experience of the management team before we look at the numbers. 


Investing to us means bringing our expertise and oversight to already successful businesses. We want to learn from your mistakes and understand what fuels your business to help it reach the potential we all envision. 

We will utilize our network of business professionals to provide marketing, financial, legal and strategic expertise to the business.

Investment Targets

Company Characteristics

Our typical investment fits the majority of these characteristics:

  • Western USA based
  • EBITDA $1-5MM
  • Defensible market position
  • Mature industry
  • Seasoned management team

Target Industries

The majority of the companies we look at fit into one of our four main industries of focus.

  • Specialty construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture services
  • Business services

Transaction Types

We typically invest in situations where owners are looking to retire or liquidate or where ownership is looking to sell to their management team.

  • Owner liquidity
  • Management Buyout
  • Divestiture 

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