Our Team

Talmor Suchard MBA - Member

Talmor’s primary role with Minerva is to oversee hiring, management and strategy in our current portfolio of investments. Talmor also interfaces with business owners in the manufacturing and construction industries. Talmor holds six US patents and owns companies in the energy services and software industries.

Darie’s role with Minerva is to oversee investment structure and mitigate legal risks in the portfolio of businesses we invest in. In addition to structuring investments, Darie evaluates potential investments in the business services sector.  In addition to his role with Minerva, Darie is a partner at an international law firm.

Darie Ofek J.D. - Member

Mark Woodbury - Member

Mark’s role with Minerva is primarily finding and evaluating acquisition targets. Mark has seen all sides of the disposition process, primarily in the online business sector. In addition to his role with Minerva, Mark works with sellers of e-commerce, software and high tech businesses.