Manufacturing Business Valuation Calculator

If you are entertaining the thought of selling your manufacturing business, one of your main questions is likely “how much is it worth.” Lucky for you, we developed a free valuation calculator that can give you an Idea of your businesses value.

Please note that nobody can tell you exactly what your business is worth just by asking a couple questions. Our calculator is meant to be a  guideline to give sellers a better understanding of the market and an approximate value. If you would like to learn more about selling your construction business before you pull the trigger, have a look at our guide to selling your manufacturing business article. We think you’ll find
it helpful.

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Annual Revenue

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Annual Profit

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Annual Growth

Average growth for the past 3 years

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How populated is the region where your business is based

Small town

less than 50K people


Between 50K – 250K people

”B” market

Between 250K – 1M people

”A” market

Over 1M people

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Client Base

Do you have residual customers that makeup the majority of your business?

Some of my business

Over 20% of my business is long-term contracts

Most of my business

Over 75% of my business is long-term client contracts

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Management Team

Do you have a tenured management team in place


The new owner will have to hire and train a management team

Some management

A portion of my business is run my managers.

Owner Absentee

My business is entirely run by my managers.

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Financial records

How clean are your books and records

Poor quality

Management prepared financials. No depreciation schedule etc.

Moderate Quality

Accountant prepared, cash based financials. no asset FMV appraisals, etc.

Excellent Quality

CPA prepared, accrual based financials. Quality of earnings analysis, professional asset valuations, etc.

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Asset Base

What assets are needed for your industry

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Real Estate

Does the business own or lease its real estate?

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What factors affect valuations

Most business owners know their companies inside and out. However, most business owners don’t know anything about buying and selling businesses or what they could be worth. The short of valuation is this:

  • Desirable industry
  • Low work required from the owner
  • Increase in profits each of the past few years
  • Clean books and records
  • Exceptional management team
  • Great reputation in your industry and region
Small & mid-sized business reputation

For a more in-depth look at the valuation of manufacturing businesses, check out our manufacturing businesses valuation multiples article.

About your businesses valuation

Once you fill out the valuation calculator we’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours to give you an idea of what your company is worth. If you’re new to the sales process, you may want to weigh your options to sell. For instance, what happens to your employees, how are you paid out, how long does it take to close and what type of terms can you expect.

Why is this free?

Accountants and investment bankers charge tens of thousands for valuations. Why do we do this for free?

Simple. We believe in operating our business with full transparency and are trying to shed a bit of light on a very cloudy industry full of disinformation.

We believe that if people know their options when selling a business and understand what our offering is at Minerva, the majority of business owners will want to sell their business to us.

manufacturing business

What type of company is Minerva

At Minerva, we think of ourselves as a different type of private equity company. We acquire small to mid-sized businesses (smaller businesses than most other investment companies), we pay a down payment, seller note, royalty and ask that the seller retain a portion of equity in the business. This is unusual for the private equity industry and we believe it is one of the factors that differentiates us.

At the moment, we are acquiring US based manufacturing and construction businesses that are flat or growing, produce $1-$5M in annual profit and have excellent management teams in place. If your business fits these criteria, we invite you to contact us.

What type of companies does Minerva invest in?

At this time, we feel that there is a great opportunity to buy manufacturing businesses. We focus primarily on Western US based businesses with a focus on California. However, we will invest out of region if we feel the business is good enough to command capital. In addition to manufacturing, we invest in agriculture services, construction companies and a handful of other small businesses.