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In looking over thousands of businesses and discussing with hundreds of business sellers, we have come to realize that most successful business owners in the construction industry know every inch of their business. They know the marketing, the equipment, the services and even the financials. However, they don’t know the first thing about what it’s worth or how to go about selling it.

We put this free valuation calculator together in an attempt to make the market for buying and selling businesses more transparent. In turn, we believe that our offering is better than most anything else on the market, so if people understand what our offer is and what they can get elsewhere, they will look to sell their business to us.

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Annual Growth

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How populated is the region where your business is based

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”B” market

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Client Base

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Management Team

Do you have a tenured management team in place


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Owner Absentee

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Financial records

How clean are your books and records

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Management prepared financials. No depreciation schedule etc.

Moderate Quality

Accountant prepared, cash based financials. no asset FMV appraisals, etc.

Excellent Quality

CPA prepared, accrual based financials. Quality of earnings analysis, professional asset valuations, etc.

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Asset Base

What assets are needed for your industry

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Real Estate

Does the business own or lease its real estate?

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How do we know an accurate valuation for construction businesses?

It is impossible for us to give you an accurate dollar amount of what your business will sell for and what type of terms you can expect with just a simple online calculator. If we were to make an offer on your business, we would need a lot more information, our deal calculator is meant to be a starting point.

Because we track the lower mid-market (small-mid sized businesses) closely, we have the ability to know what sells, what doesn’t, what valuation and what terms people can expect. We do our best to tell it like it is and will give you our opinion of what your business is worth.

For those interested in learning more about valuation, we put together an article on how construction businesses are valued that you can read.


If you are entertaining the idea of a sale, start by reading our how to sell your construction business guide.

What does Minerva do?

Minerva Equity is a small investment company focused on acquiring and growing businesses in the lower mid-market (small-mid sized businesses). We are a different type of company than most. Instead of being driven by investor returns, we are driven by innovation. We have come up with a unique financing structure to acquire businesses on favorable terms for the seller, grant equity to employees and still have the investment make sense for us.

We are currently looking to invest in US based companies, primarily in construction and manufacturing. The companies should have flat or growing trends over the past few years, clean financial records and be generating $1-5M in annual profit. If you believe your business is a fit, we invite you to contact us.

If you are interested in selling your construction company, but would like to know more about the industry before proceeding, feel free to read about the M&A industry and why Minerva has chosen to focus on becoming buyers of construction companies.

What are the next steps in selling a construction company?

The next steps are entirely up to you. Some business owners realize that it isn’t worth what they thought it was, so they continue running it or try to sell it to their employees. Some with list with a broker in hopes they can find a buyer on the market, others may strike a deal with us for their business. 

We put together an article to further discuss valuation called “construction business valuation multiples” we hope that it will provide some clarity into what your business is worth and to whom.