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Why we have elected to buy and invest in construction

As small business owners and investors who see the value of long-term, involved capital partners that see the value in investing in the American economy, we see no better option than buying and investing in main street size US based businesses.

We have selected the construction industry as an sector to focus on because of the increase of technology in the industry, our ability to scale the businesses with proper marketing, the residual income that many of them enjoy due to solid reputations and the lack of other sophisticated investors in the construction industry.

We have found that there are several businesses that we see as being very well run that have no other investors presenting them with acquisition offers and they therefore get the most generous offers by working with us. Typically, the businesses we invest in are too small and slow growing for large pension funds and private equity firms. Because we are a small shop and don’t have investors to answer to, we are still able to invest in these stable, slow growth companies. However, we still look for opportunities where we can buy businesses and grow them rapidly.

A narrow focus on US based companies

We invest in what we know. In the words of Warren Buffet “Never bet against America.”

While the majority of construction opportunities have been gobbled up by large, multi-national corporations, our investment dollars never have. We invest in what we know, and the spirit of the American small business has never failed us. Because of this, we are proud to say that all of our investments to date have been in US based businesses with US based employees.

If you are interested in selling your manufacturing business, we recommend you start with a construction business valuation here and reading our guide to selling your construction business.

Selling a construction business

What type of construction businesses do we buy?

We see ourselves as fairly agnostic when it comes to investing in construction companies. With that said, we are investors. We typically try to avoid businesses with wasted capital, slow turning inventory, seasonal products or other cash eating businesses.

Sectors we have looked at in the past and will likely be investing in at some time in the future:

  • Home services
  • General contracting
  • Asset heavy niches (concrete)
  • Government contracting
  • Electrical engineering
  • Designing
  • Niche commercial construction
  • More

How do we manage the construction companies ongoing?

All of the businesses we acquire are large enough to support a full management team. We will enable them by providing them with the resources, strategies, software and oversight to be successful. We also believe in compensating key employees generously with equity. We believe that a well trained and well motivated staff is a businesses best resource.

If you are looking to sell your construction business, we are the people to talk to. Fill out the valuation form below to tell us a bit about your business and we’ll be in touch if it is something we are interested in acquiring.



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