Construction Business Valuation Calculator

Learn the commercial value of your construction company In looking over thousands of businesses and discussing with hundreds of business sellers, we have come to realize that most successful business owners in the construction industry know every inch of their business. They know the marketing, the equipment, the services and even the financials. However, they […]

Financing Your Construction Business

Funding options for construction companies If you are looking to recapitalize or take out a loan to run or grow your construction company, there is a 95% chance you will fall into at least one of these three categories: You have a productive construction business but you’re struggling to pay the bills You have made […]

Construction Business Valuation Multiples

Asset heavy construction business valuation multiple

How construction businesses are valued In the words of Warren Buffet, businesses are valued based on the present value of the cash you can take out of them over a lifetime. This is true in real estate investing, website investing and in buying a construction company.  In this article we will explore various risks and […]