Compensating Company Sellers & Employees With Equity

As anybody who has run a sizable business can attest, one of the largest headaches is hiring talented people, training them and keeping them. We have found that compensating employees of our portfolio companies with equity to be a beneficial practice on keeping talented employees longer and having them be fairly compensated for their work. […]

Financing Your Construction Business

Funding options for construction companies If you are looking to recapitalize or take out a loan to run or grow your construction company, there is a 95% chance you will fall into at least one of these three categories: You have a productive construction business but you’re struggling to pay the bills You have made […]

Manufacturing Business Valuation Multiples

While “manufacturing” could reference any type of product creation, the information presented here is based on observation of asset-heavy manufacturing company valuations in the lower mid-market (small-mid sized businesses). Below we will briefly outline what the driving factors are for a businesses valuation and what makes the business more or less valuable. This valuation spectrum […]

Selling A Manufacturing Business (Complete Guide on How to Sell Your Manufacturing Company)

The questions loom for all successful manufacturing business owners that are entertaining the thought of selling their business; “what is my manufacturing business worth?” “Who will buy it?” “What will happen to my employees?” and “what is needed from me?” Chances are that since you are looking to sell a manufacturing business, you are asking several […]

Lower Mid-Market M&A – A Guide to Selling Your Small-Mid Sized Business

If you are like most business owners that are looking to sell, you have kept your head down and worked 50 hour weeks for a few decades.  You know your business inside and out. You have made mistakes and learned from them, you understand your service, equipment, finances and marketing like the back of your […]

Leveraged Buyouts for Small-Mid Size Businesses

The leveraged buyout acquisition model gained popularity with wall street financiers of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The most notable leveraged buyout in history is Henry Kravis’ KKR taking over RJR Nabisco which was later featured in the book and movie “Barbarians at the Gate.”  Keen observers of this deal can quickly point out that there is […]

Construction Business Valuation Multiples

Asset heavy construction business valuation multiple

How construction businesses are valued In the words of Warren Buffet, businesses are valued based on the present value of the cash you can take out of them over a lifetime. This is true in real estate investing, website investing and in buying a construction company.  In this article we will explore various risks and […]