Healthcare Company Valuation Calculator

Valuing Private Market Healthcare Companies Valuing a private market healthcare business can be challenging due to the complex and dynamic nature of the healthcare industry. However, there are several methods commonly used to value private companies, including: Income-based method: This method uses a company’s historical or projected financial performance, such as revenues, earnings, or cash […]

Guide to Selling A Healthcare Business

One of the payoffs of being an entrepreneur or business owner is that you own your own work. This of course means that you have to put in blood, sweat and tears when starting your business, but it also means that you own your company which you can then sell and walk away from to […]

How To Start A Business

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” -Lao Tzu The decision to start your own business can be daunting. You probably have a lot more questions than you do answers. You know that it will be worthwhile to be your own boss and build something of your own. However, the road seems […]

Business Debt Restructuring (how to consolidate OR eliminate business debt)

Chances are that if you are reading this, you have found yourself in the undesirable position of having to figure out how to get your small business out from under a pile of business debt. If you’re like many business owners, you may have even found that this debt is personally guaranteed and that means […]

Business Turnaround Specialist – We Turn Around Distressed Businesses

The fact that you’re looking for a business turnaround consultant means that things didn’t go the way that you had planned. Try to not take it personal or be too hard on yourself. Thousands of business owners find themselves in a hole every year. Understand that you are not alone and there is a way […]

Business Bankruptcy Options and Alternatives

Thousands of business owners find themselves in a hole every year. Understand that you are far from the only person in this position and for the majority of business owners, there is an easier way out than declaring personal bankruptcy. While it’s scary to look at the prospect of not being able to make payroll […]

Orange County, CA Business Buyers & Investors

We Buy Orange County, California based businesses At Minerva Equity we are an investment and acquisition company with a focus on small and mid-sized businesses. We primarily look at businesses that are based in the Western United States. We are fortunate enough to have a portfolio of well run businesses in a variety of sectors. […]