We are a lower middle market investment company with a "people first" approach.


We aim to invest in strong businesses that are run by exceptional teams of people.

Our mission is to create a better liquidity option for sellers of lower mid-market businesses. 

Our aim is to acquire majority stakes in profitable, well run lower middle market companies with at least $2m EBITDA. We are industry agnostic but find that we avoid thin margin companies, turnarounds, companies reliant on commodity pricing and reimbursement related healthcare companies.

Through our diverse professional backgrounds, we have been fortunate enough to build relationships with operating partners in various sectors. These are relationships that we rely on to provide strategy guidance and oversight to the businesses that we invest in.

We intend to be long-term investors, therefore we see the long term growth of the business as our top priority and the companies reputation and its employees as our greatest assets.

Our Partners