We are an operation oriented investment firm with a "people first" approach.

“We acquire strong businesses run by great people”


Minerva Equity consists of professionals with backgrounds in accounting, law and M&A advisory that have come together to focus on creating a better liquidity option for sellers of lower mid-market businesses. 

We aim to work with exceptional teams of people who run profitable businesses in mature industries.


Western US Based

Management Transition Capabilities

Over 10% Margins

We formed our investment philosophy around providing a better opportunity for sellers of businesses in the lower mid-market.

As part of our philosophy, we prefer not to take 100% equity ownership. We believe that our interests should be aligned with the sellers, managers and employees. Because of this, we structure our investments so that all parties retain a portion of the equity.

We intend to be long-term investors, therefore we see the target companies reputation and its employees as our greatest assets.

Our Employees